Nazi Goebbels’ Step-Grandchildren Are Hidden Billionaires – Bloomberg

Nazi Goebbels’ Step-Grandchildren Are Hidden Billionaires – Bloomberg.

In 1945, Harald Quandt, 23, a German Luftwaffe officer captured by the Allies received a farewell letter from his mother Magda Goebbels, the wife of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. The letter was to inform him that weeks earlier his mother and her husband along with their six children has committed suicide by cyanide capsule in Adolf Hitler’s bunker in Berlin. In 1947 Quandt was released and seven years later, he and his half brother Herbert inherited their father’s, Guenther Quandt, industrial empire that made Mauser firearms and anti-aircraft missiles for Hitler. Among the assets acquired by the brothers the most valuable were the stake in car manufacturer Daimler AG and then BMW a few years later. The brothers have long since passed away, but the family legacy still endures. Herbert’s widow, Johanna Quandt, 86, and their children Susanne Klatten and Stefan Quandt, have remained in the public eye as BMW’s dominant shareholders. The billionaire daughters of Harald Quandt — Katarina Geller-Herr, 61, Gabriele Quandt, 60, Anette-Angelika May-Thies, 58, and 50-year-old Colleen-Bettina Rosenblat-Mo — have kept a lower profile. The four sister inherited $760 million after their mother died in 1978. The rise of the Quandt family fortunes is paralleled to Germany and Hitler’s Third Reich in the 20th century. Quandt and Magda married in 1921 then divorced in 1929 when two years later she married Joseph Goebbels who served as head of propaganda for the growing Nazi Party. When the Nazis took power in 1933 Adolf Hitler appointed him the propaganda minister in fact Hitler was his best man at his wedding. Guenther Quandt became a member of the party that same year and became the key supplier for the German war effort. In 1937, he earned the title of Wehrwirtschaftsfuehrer, the name given to members of an elite group of businessmen who were deemed beneficial to the production of war materials for the Third Reich. From 1940 to 1945, the Quandt factories were staffed with more than 50,000 forced civilian laborers, prisoners of war and concentration camp workers. After the war, Guenther Quandt served in an internment camp in Mossburg an der Isar for more than year before being judged as a “Mitlaeufer” meaning that he was not formally involved in the regime’s crimes in 1948 with no repercussions to follow. After the report was published in 2011, cousins Gabriele and Stefan Quandt acknowledge their family’s ties and involvement with the Third Reich in an interview with Germany’s Die Zeit newspaper. Sad reality is the family will have to live with what they have done and what their name represents to the German people. They made their riches from violence, corruption and greed.






Leon Leyson Dead: Youngest ‘Schindler’s List’ Survivor Dies At 83

Leon Leyson Dead: Youngest ‘Schindler’s List’ Survivor Dies At 83.

Great men and women with great stories to tell. I am sadden to hear that another has passed but with his passing I hope people do not forget his life or story. If you haven’t seen Schindler’s List than I highly recommend this movie it is one of my favorite movies by far about the good that can come from such a horrible time in history.

Leon Leyson, who was the youngest of 1,100 Jews saved from the Nazis by Oskar Schindler, has died in Southern California at 83. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Leyson was 10 and six month later his family was sent to the Krakow ghetto where he survived mass killing and deportation to a concentration camp. He lost two brothers, one fled to the family’s village who died in a massacre of 500 residents and the other was sent to a concentration camp. Schindler called him “little Leyson” and was the youngest of the Jewish workers that Schindler saved by declaring them necessary to produce. Schindler also gave him double rations when he was weak and also put his mother as well as surviving siblings on the list. Leyson rarely talks about his experiences. He came to the U.S. in 1949 and taught at Huntington Park High School for 39 years.



“The truth is, I did not live my life in the shadow of the Holocaust,” he told the Portland Oregonian in 1997. “I did not give my children a legacy of fear. I gave them a legacy of freedom.” However he began to publicly speak about his experiences after the 1993 movie Schindler’s List came out. In 1974, Leyson saw Schindler along with a group of Jews in Los Angeles shortly before his death. Leyson introduced himself and Schindler remember exactly who he was calling him “little Leyson.” Leyson is survived not only by his daughter but by his wife, Lis; son, Daniel, of Los Angeles; sister, Aviva Nissenbaum, of Israel; brother, David, also of Israel, and six grandchildren.

Maurizio Cattelan’s Statue Of Praying Hitler In Ex-Warsaw Ghetto Sparks Emotion

Maurizio Cattelan’s Statue Of Praying Hitler In Ex-Warsaw Ghetto Sparks Emotion.

I have to say history always sparks controversy and discussion especially Adolf Hitler. Mixed reactions to Maurizio Cattlelan’s work entitled “HIM”. The organizers say the broader point of the piece is to make people reflect on the nature of evil, but because the installation is in a former Warsaw ghetto where Hitler’s regime killed so many Jews people want it removed. The work can only be viewed through a small hole on Pronza Street in Warsaw, Poland and you can only see the back of the figure which looks like a small child praying. I for one am for this display since it opens a discussion that I think the world needs to have because history has repeated itself too many times to let this happen again. The evils of our past will always haunt us forever unless we find the courage to face it.

World War II-Era German Assault Rifle Discovered At Connecticut Gun Buy-Back

World War II-Era German Assault Rifle Discovered At Connecticut Gun Buy-Back.

Wow this lady was sitting on a goldmine. Read this incredible story to find out what it was worth and what the Police Department did with it.