The Worst Ebola Outbreak In History

Reuters reports as of June 26 Thursday (Ebola outbreak: Drastic action needed to halt worst outbreak) that the outbreak originating in Guinea has now crossed into more countries forcing the World Health Organization to take action to halt the deadly epidemic. While the efforts of national health authorities and international aid organizations have tried to contain the spread of the virus, the WHO has found that the virus has infected 635 people including 399 deaths since February in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. This crisis has become the deadliest outbreak since Ebola emerged on the scene in central Africa in 1976 and the numbers continue to rise. The WHO Regional Director for Africa, Luis Sambo, in a statement explained: “This is no longer a country specific outbreak but a sub-regional crisis that requires firm action by governments and partners…WHO is gravely concerned by the on-going cross-border transmission into neighboring countries as well as the potential for further international spread.” As a result, the WHO will convene a special meeting of health ministers from 11 countries in Accra, Ghana on July 2 and 3 to discuss and plan a comprehensive inter-country response plan, Reuters reports.

Ebola has not been previously found in the West Africa region leading many people to blame health facilities for importing and spreading the virus which has no vaccine or cure and carries a 90 percent fatality rate.  The virus symptoms include raging fever, headache, muscle pain, conjunctivitis and weakness with more severe phases including vomiting, diarrhea, and internal and eternal hemorrhaging. Sambo said, “There is an urgent need to intensify response efforts; to promote cross-border collaboration and information sharing of suspected cases and contacts…and to mobilise all sectors of the community. This is the only way that the outbreak will be effectively addressed.” Medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) stated this week that a lack of understanding of the virus has lead to people continuing to prepare corpses and attend funeral of victims which allows the transmission through bodily fluids and touch. MSF accuses civil society groups, governments and religious authorities of failing to understand the scale of the epidemic leading to a delayed reaction in addressing how to fight the disease.

Man Who Shot Pit Bull To Save 11-Year-Old Jayeon Simon Could Face Gun Charges

Man Who Shot Pit Bull To Save 11-Year-Old Jayeon Simon Could Face Gun Charges.

Wow this is a hard one to call since I feel for the animal and the man who saved the kid. In Washing D.C. a man who shot a pit bull who was mauling an 11 year old boy may be facing gun charges. The man witnessed three pit bulls biting the 11 year old who was on his bike when he decided to get his gun. The man then shot one of the dogs dead prompting a police officer to then shoot the other two dogs as they continued to maul the boy who was hospitalized for lacerations. The police confirmed that the man could be charged with violating guns laws because in D.C. it is illegal to fire a gun on the street even if you legally register the gun. A gun law expert who is also an attorney told the Post that making it stick is difficult because the attack was near the man’s property line.

Yu Youzhen, Chinese Millionaire, Works As Street Cleaner To Set Good Example For Her Children

Yu Youzhen, Chinese Millionaire, Works As Street Cleaner To Set Good Example For Her Children.

I commend this mom for teaching them the value of community and staying grounded. Since 1998, 53 year old Chinese real estate mogul Yu Youzhen wakes up everyday at 3 am to sweep the roadway for $228 month. Why does she do it you ask? To set a good example for her kids. Not too many millionaires would be willing to do this unless court ordered. “I want to be a role model for my son and daughter. I don’t want to sit around idly and eat away my fortune,” Yu told local newspaper Wuhan Evening News, according to the SCMP. Yu refuses to give up her contract job because she believes that “Work is not just about the salary, it makes one focused,” Yu told the Wuhan Evening News, according to the Telegraph. “Laziness gives rise to all sorts of bad habits.” Don’t worry though her two kids have salary jobs, but she has given them an ultimatum that she will relinquish her real estate to the government, if her children don’t continue to work, local media note. Kudos to this mom for setting a good example for all kids everywhere. More parents should take a page out her book you might be surprised at the result.

Richard and Rachel Lane Turn School Bus Into Energy-Efficient Home | AOL Real Estate

Richard and Rachel Lane Turn School Bus Into Energy-Efficient Home | AOL Real Estate.

These people are living the green dream and having fun while doing it. Spacious yet minimalistic, fun yet funky, economical yet eco friendly…I could go on like this forever, but these are all ways to describe this eco chic couple. The Lanes live on a bus in the San Francisco Bay area: a former school bus, to be exact, that they purchased in Oregon via Craigslist for $3,000.  The 39-foot bus is just like “a regular home” on the inside: it features a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, lounge area and even a movie room on the bus’ “second story.” Its livability is achieved by using custom, hand-made furniture, and IKEA pieces that have been altered to fit the bus’ specs. And it even sleeps 10! Plus they live completely off the grid and only pay $100 a month for maintenance this is the new American Dream.

Rachel, a therapist, and Richard, an IT professional, have been living on the bus full-time for four years. Many people are taking the American Dream to the next level by coming up with creative ways to still have the creature comforts of home in a smaller but happy space.  The increase of alternative housing is in response to the change in the economic climate and the greater need for flexibility and sustainability. Eco friendly is not just for the tree huggers anymore.

Icelandair Passenger Restrained With Tape After Mid-Flight Incident (PHOTO)

An allegedly unruly Icelandair passenger was restrained with tape and zip-ties on a recent flight from Iceland to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport after an incident, according to multiple reports including Gudjon Arngrimsson, the airline’s vice president of corporate communications, confirmed to Iceland newspaper Visir Thursday night. The reason the man was subdued according to Arngrimsson was because of dangerous behaviors including threatening passengers and crew members.

I guess some people were not meant to fly. This situation seems to happen quite a bit but goes unreported unless you see a photo like this one above.  In September, Arash Durrani was tackled and restrained when he was behaving aggressively towards women on a United flight and in July a former JetBlue pilot, Clayton F. Osbon, was subdue mid-flight because of a breakdown. Obson was indicted on charges for crew interference but was found not guilty by a judge for reasons of insanity.

‘Alien’ Skulls Found At Sonora, Mexico, Ancient Burial Site (PHOTO, VIDEO)

‘Alien’ Skulls Found At Sonora, Mexico, Ancient Burial Site (PHOTO, VIDEO).

Interesting ritual from this ancient civilization in Mexico discovered in 1999. The skulls as part of a ritual were from birth made to resemble something similar to the cone heads on SNL . When you were born two boards were wrap around your head to force the baby skull to deform into this shape. The skulls 13 in all were dates to about a 1000 years ago. Interesting ritual don’t you think.

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10 People You’ve Never Heard Of Who Changed History.

Great list of everyday people who did extraordinary things that changed the lives of us all by altering the course of history. A little thing called Butterfly Effect or Ripple Effect. See as the eternal optimist all of our lives serve a purpose you just may not know what that is yet.

Maurizio Cattelan’s Statue Of Praying Hitler In Ex-Warsaw Ghetto Sparks Emotion

Maurizio Cattelan’s Statue Of Praying Hitler In Ex-Warsaw Ghetto Sparks Emotion.

I have to say history always sparks controversy and discussion especially Adolf Hitler. Mixed reactions to Maurizio Cattlelan’s work entitled “HIM”. The organizers say the broader point of the piece is to make people reflect on the nature of evil, but because the installation is in a former Warsaw ghetto where Hitler’s regime killed so many Jews people want it removed. The work can only be viewed through a small hole on Pronza Street in Warsaw, Poland and you can only see the back of the figure which looks like a small child praying. I for one am for this display since it opens a discussion that I think the world needs to have because history has repeated itself too many times to let this happen again. The evils of our past will always haunt us forever unless we find the courage to face it.

Hurricane Sandy ‘Miracle’ For Long Island Family Who Lost Home Brings Holiday Smiles

Hurricane Sandy ‘Miracle’ For Long Island Family Who Lost Home Brings Holiday Smiles.

Great story for the holidays. Giving a family a home for the holidays and a trip to Disney World for their ailing son. This is what makes us human and at times a great species. Merry Christmas everyone!

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Newtown, Connecticut Administrators, Students Among Victims, Reports Say

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Newtown, Connecticut Administrators, Students Among Victims, Reports Say.

I had to comment on this story. I am outraged they interviewed kids, outraged they didn’t do enough, and outraged this happened again. This country needs to come together forget the petty differences and political agendas to work toward  a future for our children not for 0urselves. When you seethe details of what happened you too will be outraged.