Engineering the World’s Lightest Material

The implications and applications of the material can be world altering as Chinese scientist have created a material so light that when perched on a flower will not crush it. A cubic centimeter of the substance called carbon aerogel has the mass of o.16 milligrams according to a new study by scientists at Zhejang University which makes the material 12 percent lighter than previous record holders at the same volume such as aerographite. According to Huff Post, if the average human body were made entirely of the material instead of flesh and bones then it would weight 1/40th of a pound. Carbon aerogel can absorb up to 900 times its weight in liquid which means it could clean up events such as oil spills and as a durable as well as elastic material could be rather useful material for advanced electronics reports Huff Post according to Dr. Chao Gao a professor of polymer science and engineering. According to Gao the material is quite easy to make as his team started with semi-solid gel of carbon nanotubes and graphene then used a freeze drying process to convert it to a solid. The study was published online in February in Advanced Materials.

The Reality of Star Wars

Do we really need something like this? If the government went along with the idea people would take issue with what the government is spending the money on and what they would use this for. Dangerous game to play if any government takes this seriously. Although it does look pretty cool.

‘Alien’ Skulls Found At Sonora, Mexico, Ancient Burial Site (PHOTO, VIDEO)

‘Alien’ Skulls Found At Sonora, Mexico, Ancient Burial Site (PHOTO, VIDEO).

Interesting ritual from this ancient civilization in Mexico discovered in 1999. The skulls as part of a ritual were from birth made to resemble something similar to the cone heads on SNL . When you were born two boards were wrap around your head to force the baby skull to deform into this shape. The skulls 13 in all were dates to about a 1000 years ago. Interesting ritual don’t you think.

Space shuttle Endeavour lands at LAX

The space shuttle Endeavor, atop the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, and at Los Angeles International Airport on Sept. 21. Its journey marked the final scheduled ferry flight of the Space Shuttle Program.

via Space shuttle Endeavour lands at LAX.

Joshua Berman: Maya Calendar 101: What Does ‘December 21, 2012’ Really Mean?

Joshua Berman: Maya Calendar 101: What Does ‘December 21, 2012’ Really


I am glad someone is finally talking about it. The Mayans have been saying or at least their descendants that it will not be the end of the world but entering an age of enlightenment and understanding. Whether your a believer or non-believer I encourage you to check out the article.

Bat Infestation in Stone Mountain, Ga., Apartment Building | AOL Real Estate

Bat Infestation in Stone Mountain, Ga., Apartment Building | AOL Real Estate.

This is creepy to watch I feel bad for the girl that lived in this room. See how they try to remove them and other infestations.