Pedro Reyes Turns Guns Into Musical Instruments

Pedro Reyes Turns Guns Into Musical Instruments.

I thought this was truly a unique idea and send a clear message to people about how something that causes so much hurt can bring so much joy… take a page out of his book NRA. The guns of northern Mexico have found a new purpose instead of causing so many more deaths they are now making music. Mechanical hammers ping against once used ammunition magazines from assault rifles, while gun barrels cut to different lengths ring like marimbas and pistol parts strike metal plates like cymbals. Sculptor Pedro Reyes told the Associated Press that “it’s important to consider that many lives were taken with these weapons, as if a sort of exorcism was taking place.”He continued to say,”the music expelled the demons they held, as well as being a requiem for lives lost.”

The title of the project is called “Disarm” and he had the opportunity to choose from 6,700 guns that were seized or turned in by the army and police in Ciudad Juarez, a city that sees 10 killing a day in a population of 1.3 million people. The city had a murder rate of 230 per 100,000 inhabitants, while the nationwide rate for the U.S. was 4.8 for the year. Reyes said in an interviews while demonstrating his instruments that,”the dramatic thing is that this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the weapons that are seized every day and that the army has to destroy.” Reyes was well known already for his 2008 project called “Palas por Pistolas,” or “Pistols to Shovels,” where he used melted down weapons to make 1,527 shovels same as the number of weapons and planted the same number of trees. The new project began last year as Reyes explains,”normally, they bury or destroy them, but someone who works in the government said, `Would you be interested in making a sculpture with this metal?'” Reyes hopes to take his message global,”this project has a pacifist intent, to create a global consciousness about arms trafficking.”

Violence has become a theme in Mexican art as another artist, Teresa Margolles, uses artifacts collected from crime scenes from the violence plagued state of Sinaloa. The reason behind Reyes musical sculptures are explained,”It occurred to me to make musical instruments, because music is the opposite of weapons. This exercise of transformation we see with the guns, is what we would like to see in society.”

Pot Consultant: Washington State Looks For Weed Scholars To Separate Seeds From Stems (POLL)

Pot Consultant: Washington State Looks For Weed Scholars To Separate Seeds From Stems (POLL).

Why not be smart about it whether legal or illegal? I think Washington state is taking a smart approach to the legalization of marijuana in the state. In Tacoma, Washington, state officials are looking for a green thumb with extensive knowledge of the black, or at least gray, market according to Huff Post. The state is trying to figure out how to regulate legalized marijuana, so why not hire an advisory on all things weed really from how to grow, dry, test, label, package and profit even make brownies. Hey take a page out of our foreign neighbors who have become pros at this…I am talking to you Amsterdam. On Wednesday, Tacoma saw its fair share of flannel and ponytails even men in suits and out of towners vying for the position as a pot consultant. The Liquor Control Board, the agency developing rules for the marijuana industry, reserved a convention hall for the state bidding expert to take questions about the new position. A pot related conviction is fine, but a heinous felony would not be acceptable. Washington and Colorado were the first this fall to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and have already started setting up systems for licensed growers, processors, and retail stores where anyone over 21 can buy an ounce of the heavily taxed product. Hey Obama maybe you should take a page from this and realize that people are going to use it anyway so why not collect some money instead of paying out money to fight something that is going to happen anyway. While planning is underway, the exact number of stores and growers is unclear as well as testing the pot to make sure no one gets sick. Sales will begin in December in Washington. The board has advertised in four categories for consulting services including product development, quality testing, regulations, and statistical analysis. The state is hoping for one contract but if that is not possible they will award multiple contracts in order to get the best expertise. The bids are due by Feb. 15, but the contract will not be awarded til March. Whoever wins the bid cannot also have a state license to grow, process, or sell it as it would be a conflict of interest, but once the contract is up they can apply. State and federal governments are missing out on a great revenue opportunity to help with the deficits most states and the federal government are trying to deal with right now.



Tap Water Catches On Fire In Debby And Jason Kline’s Ohio Home Due To Methane Levels

Tap Water Catches On Fire In Debby And Jason Kline’s Ohio Home Due To Methane Levels.

Wow this is scary and what is scarier is the fact that the family is still using the water to bath in which is even more dangerous. A few weeks ago, an Ohio family was shocked that their water caught on fire NBC News reported Friday. Debby Kline said she lit a candle near the faucet that set off a huge explosion and blasted the sink into the ceiling. She noticed the water was fizzing and came to find out that their is dangerously high levels of methane from a natural gas company drilling never the home six months ago. The gas must have seeped into the well when the ground was disturbed by the drilling. The purchase pf a methane filter costs around $8,000, so for now the Klines drink bottled water, but still bathe in the water from the tap. The methane in drinking water itself is not usually harmful but the built up of it in the air especially in poorly ventilated or confined areas is extremely dangerous. The other danger according to the Water System Council is that methane can asphyxiate or cause other health problems in humans.



I don’t know about this family, but I would sue the company that was drilling because it is not only harmful to these people who lived there before the ruling but the environment such as well water and animals that live there. This family needs to do something because if they stay there then something bad is going to happen because of the built up in gas.





Icelandair Passenger Restrained With Tape After Mid-Flight Incident (PHOTO)

An allegedly unruly Icelandair passenger was restrained with tape and zip-ties on a recent flight from Iceland to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport after an incident, according to multiple reports including Gudjon Arngrimsson, the airline’s vice president of corporate communications, confirmed to Iceland newspaper Visir Thursday night. The reason the man was subdued according to Arngrimsson was because of dangerous behaviors including threatening passengers and crew members.

I guess some people were not meant to fly. This situation seems to happen quite a bit but goes unreported unless you see a photo like this one above.  In September, Arash Durrani was tackled and restrained when he was behaving aggressively towards women on a United flight and in July a former JetBlue pilot, Clayton F. Osbon, was subdue mid-flight because of a breakdown. Obson was indicted on charges for crew interference but was found not guilty by a judge for reasons of insanity.