Watch what might be the world’s oldest dashcam footage from 1926


Watch what might be the world’s oldest dashcam footage from 1926.

Check out these videos that give you a glimpse into what it was like to be a firefighter in 1926. The archives of the Fire Department of New York has released footage of a borough department responding to a fire in 1926. In the first video shot on April 24, 1926 may be the first dash cam video ever and depicts firefighters on their way to a warehouse fire. The second video which is also silent depicts the daily life of the firefighters on call and how they respond to fires. The footage is chaotic like the streets back in 1926 and are not great quality like the photo above which shows the clanging bell on the hood of a car driving on the sidewalk to get to the fire.

Really interesting to get the chance to take a glimpse at footage that has not been seen for ages. Hope you enjoy!

Custom Gifts This Holiday Season

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Be Original: Handmade and Heartfelt

Zen Garden Gallery

A collection of my 3D postcard paintings so far. I add to them every other day and continue to look for new ideas. Great gift idea for any and every occassion. Leave a message or moment on the back to personalize your memories.

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