Where to find the perfect postcard?

Hunting down the perfect postcard I know how that is…Read this story I know how she feels.

Wait Just One Moment.

My afternoon adventure for the day was the Marché aux Timbres et aux Cartes Téléphoniques, a market that specializes in stamps and vintage postcards. Back in Chicago, my room has white walls, so throughout these past ten weeks, I’ve been searching for art prints from various museums to add some color to my life. I’m not sure if the vintage postcards that I bought will make it onto the wall, but they’re just cool in general, so it was worth the effort to find them.

The market is located at the end of the Champs-Élysées, near the Grand and Petit Palais, in a little park. Every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, from morning to afternoon, vendors set up tents and little card holders and laminated sheets of stamps, postcards, and old letters. Because I went after class, there weren’t many sellers left, but one was selling postcards of Paris from the early…

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