Vatican Welcomes Obama Gun Control Proposal

 Vatican Welcomes Obama Gun Control Proposal.

You know you’ve done good if the pope is telling the world “we are headed in the right direction.” The Vatican was pleased with President Obama’s gun control proposal. The Vatican’s chief spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi along with 47 religious leaders have appealed to the U.S. Congress to limit firearms because society is paying the price. Lombardi stated that the fact that Americans possess 300 million firearms “people cannot fool themselves that it is enough to limit the number and use (of guns) to impede in the future horrendous massacres like that of Newtown that shook the conscience of America and world, as well as that of children and adults.” About the recent shootings occuring in the U.S. specifically Sandy Hook, he continues to say that these massacres are “carried out by unbalanced or hate-driven persons, there is no doubt that they are carried out with firearms.” The Vatican continues to encourage the fight against the production, commerce and contraband of all types of arms fueled by huge economic and power interests.


Gun Found In 7-Year-Old’s Backpack At Wave Preparatory Elementary School In Queens

Gun Found In 7-Year-Old’s Backpack At Wave Preparatory Elementary School In Queens.

What was this kid thinking? Where did he get this gun? These are the questions people should be asking after a .22 caliber handgun was found inside a 7 year old’s backpack at Wave Preparatory Elementary School in Rockaway on Thursday. No individuals were harmed and the gun was taken by one of the school’s safety officers. The school was in lock down as well. The event happens after a much fuel debate continues over gun restriction and tighter laws following the Sandy Hook shooting. On Tuesday, New York state was the first to pass gun control measures in the wake of the tragedy. The NRA said the passage of such measures prevented their lobby from thwarting the efforts, while President Obama unveiled his gun control proposal on Wednesday.

NRA Puts Its Mouth Where Its Money Is With Ad Targeting Obama Kids – DailyFinance

 NRA Puts Its Mouth Where Its Money Is With Ad Targeting Obama Kids – DailyFinance.

Before President Obama released his gun control proposal on Wednesday, opponents of the gun control plan were taking action. On Monday, Attorney General Edwin Meese  like others before suggested that the president could be impeached for such actions. The National Rifle Association also was busy releasing their ad that asked views, “Are the President’s Kids More Important than Yours?”which made comparisons between placing armed guards at school and the Secret Service detail assigned with protecting Sasha and Malia Obama. The ad called the president an “elitist hypocrite.” Not only has the president receives more than 30 death threats a day, Sasha and Malia have also been threatened as well I guess it comes with the territory. The NRA and its board of directors are not much different as they have also received death threats.

However, the NRA has a large financial stake in the game so no surprise they are hitting below the belt. The organization pulled in $227.8 million that includes $100 million in memberships and $71 million in contributions and grants many from gun manufacturers. The firearm manufacturers have a lot to loss with Obama’s proposal about $4 billion to be exact, bit I agree with AOL that going after his children who have nothing to do with this gun fight is ridiculous. The NRA and for that matter the gun manufacturers should be putting their efforts towards a long term solution not a lazy one. The problem here is not only gun and in a matter politicians with their fingers in several pies that only benefit them, but the need to re-examine the whole system and process in buying guns. Let’s face it NRA and gun manufacturers, regardless of whatever regulations are put into place people are still going to buy guns and unfortunately Obama and Congress no matter what gun measures you put into place like in all of these mass shooting if there is a will there is a way whether legal or illegal to get guns. This is what should be the focus to stop that.

Obama weighs 19 executive actions on gun control ahead of Wednesday announcement | Fox News

Obama weighs 19 executive actions on gun control ahead of Wednesday announcement | Fox News.

President Obama is considering 19 different gun control measures that he could take without congressional approval that address gun violence. The plan will be unveiled on Wednesday amid claims that he is overstepping his role as president says republicans. The House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained that a significant part of the plan included congressional action but some of the measure can be done by executive order. The measures include aggressively enforcing existing gun laws, amping up national gun research, tougher penalties for gun trafficking offenses, making gun crime data more available and taking action against falsifying gun sale background checks. The president is still urging congress to pursue other avenues such as renewing assault weapons ban and pressing limits on high capacity magazines and stricter policies for background checks on gun sales.

While the White asks for more gun control measures after the Connecticut school massacre, the NRA has asked for increase in school security and closer look at entertainment and video games.  At the national level, advocacy groups and the NRA wants the Justice Department to crack down on falsifying background checks as only a small number are actually prosecuted. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says some 40 percent of gun sales happen with no background checks, such as at gun shows and by private sellers over the Internet or through classified ads.

It is sad to see our leaders still can’t agree on what to do in this situation. Gun violence happens everyday and the longer they take to fix the problem the more people die. To me it is all about looking the best and not what is best for the majority of the country no matter what party they belong to. The article and the representatives from the various groups have all admitted to the faults in the system but no clear strategy to solve the problem. I personally like what New York state has created which would be most restrictive gun law in the nation if signed by the governor. The measure called for tougher assault weapons ban, restriction on ammunition and gun sales,  address the unsafe storage of guns and create a more powerful tool to report mentally ill people who plan to use a gun illegally.

Armed Janitors Approved By Montpelier, Ohio, School Board To Stop School Shootings


Armed Janitors Approved By Montpelier, Ohio, School Board To Stop School Shootings.

Why would they approve this and what comfort or safety will this bring to the kids who attend the school? I don’t understand who this is the solution to a much bigger problem by arming a janitor with a gun. You may be able to reduce the number of children injured or killed but in all these instance the attacks were planned and the gunmen carried multiple rounds. A janitor going up against that kind of arsenal is going to have a hard time defending himself let alone a school. It doesn’t make sense not to plan this out before executing whatever plan. The way to prevent this from happening is to take more of an interest in the student and provide mental health services or counselors to troubled kids.

NRA Membership Surges By 100,000 In Wake Of Sandy Hook Shooting

NRA Membership Surges By 100,000 In Wake Of Sandy Hook Shooting.

That title alone scares the crap out of me people. Is it panic? Do people believe the NRA can help them? I am confused. In the weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting, the NRA has averaged 8,000 new members a day which is a little unusual but expected since high profile shooting are followed by periods of increased interest in the NRA. There has been some drawback though with isolated instances of former members abandoning the organization because of head lobbyist Wayne LaPierre that argued guns are needed in school to prevent future mass shootings. Since then, the NRA has taken a more active roll in Obama’s initiatives to prevent gun violence.

NRA Press Conference: Wayne LaPierre Calls For Armed Police Officers At Every School

NRA Press Conference: Wayne LaPierre Calls For Armed Police Officers At Every School.

Putting armed policemen in schools to prevent the next shooting will not solve the problem. The NRA has lost its mind.