Employees Buy Luxury Lifestyle Pilfering Printer Cartridges – Careers Articles

Employees Buy Luxury Lifestyle Pilfering Printer Cartridges – Careers Articles.

Probably the strangest story I have heard in a while, but also I didn’t even realize their was a black market for this. In Manhattan, New York hospital clerk Marque Gumbs was found stealing toner for copiers and printers in order to provide for his lavish lifestyle of BMWs, designer clothes and vacations. The $1.5 million scheme at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center exploited a largely overlooked, but lucrative black market for these and other office supplies. The perpetrators were using business accounts to make false orders for more costly items like toner and reselling them for a large discount. A large law firm in Manhattan recently went through the same situation which ended in grand larceny charges against Adrian Rodriguez, 38 years old, who prosecutors say ordered in excess of $376,000 worth of toner over two years. In 2007, two Pennsylvania men were accused of stealing $187,000 worth of ink and toner and in New Jersey an account exec at a stationary supply company pleaded guilty to stealing 30,000 toner cartridges worth $1.75 million. Gumbs went undetected by the hospital for so long since he would had the delivery drivers call his cellphone and meet him at the curb where he would stash the toner in a garbage area so he could retrieve it later. Before he was done, Gumbs had used his profits for rent on a luxury apartment, a BMW, shopping sprees, and airlines tickets and hotel rooms for vacations. Gumbs, pleaded guilty to charges and was sentenced to 2.5 to 7.5 years in prison and ordered to forfeit everything he bought with the money. I think he got off a little easy, but in the long run he is going to have a hard time finding work when he gets out not only because of his criminal activity.

Watch what might be the world’s oldest dashcam footage from 1926


Watch what might be the world’s oldest dashcam footage from 1926.

Check out these videos that give you a glimpse into what it was like to be a firefighter in 1926. The archives of the Fire Department of New York has released footage of a borough department responding to a fire in 1926. In the first video shot on April 24, 1926 may be the first dash cam video ever and depicts firefighters on their way to a warehouse fire. The second video which is also silent depicts the daily life of the firefighters on call and how they respond to fires. The footage is chaotic like the streets back in 1926 and are not great quality like the photo above which shows the clanging bell on the hood of a car driving on the sidewalk to get to the fire.

Really interesting to get the chance to take a glimpse at footage that has not been seen for ages. Hope you enjoy!

Chris Christie On Sandy Aid: House Republicans Were ‘Disappointing And Disgusting To Watch’ (VIDEO)

Chris Christie On Sandy Aid: House Republicans Were ‘Disappointing And Disgusting To Watch’ (VIDEO)

I am glad someone is finally talking about this because it can only be avoided for so long and two months is too long. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) had a few choice words for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Republicans Wednesday for not holding a vote on a Hurricane Sandy relief bill:

“There is only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims: the House majority and their speaker, John Boehner. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. Natural disasters happen in red states and blue states and states with Democratic governors and Republican governors. We respond to innocent victims of natural disasters, not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans. Or at least we did until last night. Last night, politics was placed before oaths to serve our citizens. For me, it was disappointing and disgusting to watch.”

The Senate has approved a $60.4 billion aid package to help New York and New Jersey recover from the storm, while the House Appropriations Committee has approved a $27 billion measure. Christie said at the conference that he would not accept the smaller package. A vote will be held Wednesday on two different measure involving the package now split into two. Many republicans were outrage over the house speaker not voting on this sooner and moving it to the back burner. If it is not voted on soon, then they would have to start all over.

Good for Christie and I do agree for once with this governor. Again our government not just Obama can’t seem to think of others before themselves. Anyone remember Katrina same thing there too. For being such an advanced civilization, we are really in the stone age. This should be the easiest decision we make as a country but our leaders can’t seem to get anything done.

Journalists’ Addresses Posted In Revenge For Newspaper’s Google Map Of Gun Permit Owners | TechCrunch

Journalists’ Addresses Posted In Revenge For Newspaper’s Google Map Of Gun Permit Owners | TechCrunch.

Wow I know everyone is still raw after the numerous shooting sprees across the country especial the Newtown massacre but this may be taking it too far. Reportedly after a reporter published addresses of known gun permit holders in New York, one of these owners published where the report and staff lived and posted a Google map of it. What happened to privacy people? I will say it again there is a larger issue besides guns going on here guns are not the only thing to blame. Now various groups are debating whether gun permit holders should be required to tell their neighbors like a sexual predator would that they live in the neighborhood. WE ARE FOCUSING ON THE WRONG THING!

25 Awe-Inspiring Photos from 2012 – SKYE on AOL

25 Awe-Inspiring Photos from 2012 – SKYE on AOL.

All I have to say is this was an epic moment in two ways. Mounted atop a Firstly, NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, the space shuttle Enterprise is flown over New York with One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan in the background. Secondly, this was the final flight of the Enterprise before it was moved to the Air and Space Museum. Just the photo alone will be memorable in the future.

4 Firefighters Shot, 2 Killed At Webster, New York Fire Scene; Shooter Dead (UPDATE)

4 Firefighters Shot, 2 Killed At Webster, New York Fire Scene; Shooter Dead (UPDATE).

Sad that these kind of things are happening so close to the holidays. They are still trying to figure out why the shooter shot at the 4 firefighters and killed 2. It happened around 6AM Monday today when the firefighters pulled up to the house fire. What is happening to the world?

AOL.com Video – ‘What Remains’: Fort Greene Park

AOL.com Video – ‘What Remains’: Fort Greene Park.

I couldn’t find a good pic but this building looks ominous enough. Great link about the giant mass grave under NYC yes NYC. Go check it out it’s pretty creepy. The video explains it all. Tell me what you think about it. Wow 8,000 men are buried in Brooklyn from the American Revolution.