Inspiring Words for the World

I could not have said it better myself. I encourage everyone to listen to the words and think really hard about their lives. This video encompasses what my blog is about the heart of everything. What would you do if money didn’t matter? This is the key to happiness but only you can unlock it. I hope that the young to the old will find inspiration in the words and go on a journey to find your happiness because in the end that is all we have that is constant yet ever changing. Inspiration can be found everywhere you just have to be willing to listen and follow your dreams.

The Reality of Star Wars

Do we really need something like this? If the government went along with the idea people would take issue with what the government is spending the money on and what they would use this for. Dangerous game to play if any government takes this seriously. Although it does look pretty cool. Video – Secret Santa Gives Away $200 at Mall, Then Splits Video – Secret Santa Gives Away $200 at Mall, Then Splits.

Another Christmas story to make you smile. This woman was giving a Christmas card to strangers then leaving before they could say thank you. The money she left with the card ranged from 100 to 200, but it put a smile on people’s faces and a perk in their step. The only description for the woman was a hat and a coat. Maybe you have seen her…Happy holidays and spread some cheer by making someone smile.

Dana Bagby, Virginia Woman, Owes $15,000 Utility Bill, City Says Pay Up (VIDEO)


Dana Bagby, Virginia Woman, Owes $15,000 Utility Bill, City Says Pay Up (VIDEO).

Most messed up story I have read in a long time. Read it and it will make you mad too. Tell me what you think.