Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth (INFOGRAPHIC)

For you pocket protecting, tapped glasses and bow tie wearing fun loving video game nerds out there here is some advice on how to propose to your lady and for those who do not care for the nerdy variety here are some things to consider. For that matter, all men out there here is a guide to the proposal from Neomam Infographic Studios breaking down the essentials of your big day before you reach the big day. Even if you are married or not quite there, this infographic will make your day.

Morocco To Change Law That Allowed Rapists To Avoid Punishment By Marrying Their Victims

Morocco To Change Law That Allowed Rapists To Avoid Punishment By Marrying Their Victims.

This is by far the strangest and most cruel punishment for a rape victim I have ever heard of, but I am glad the Moroccan government has finally realized that. in Rabat, Morocco, the government has announced a plan to change the penal code so that rape victims are not forced to marry their alleged rapist. A paragraph in the penal code states that the offender can go free if they marry their victim and the practice was encouraged by judges to avoid shame to the victim’s family. One incident in particular sparked change when a 16 year old poisoned herself to get out of 7 month abusive marriage to a 23 year old she said raped her. The practice is found across the Middle East in India and Afghanistan to avoid a family’s dishonor by a woman’s loss of virginity out of wedlock. The marrying age is 18, but judges have approved much younger unions. A new article proposed on Monday, gives a 10 year penalty for consensual sex with a minor and doubles the sentence for sex resulting in deflowering or rape. The Justice Ministry argued that the girl was not raped and the sex was consensual. The prime minister also argued that the provision is rarely used and a majority of rape cases are pursued. While the code has been updated in recent memory 2004, a more comprehensive law to combat violence against women has reached a stalemate in Parliament for 8 years.




Natalie Wood: New Autopsy Report Shows Injuries Possibly Before Death :

Natalie Wood: New Autopsy Report Shows Injuries Possibly Before Death :

Very interesting mystery altogether. In a newly revised autopsy, the LA County Coroner says that Natalie Wood had bruises and scratches on her arm, wrist and neck before she entered the ocean off Catalina Island and drowned in 1981. The report has reignited speculation that her death was not an accident as the supplemental report details much more than the original since the Sheriff’s Department learns of the new inquiry. The revised report findings now state that it was a “drowning and other undetermined factors” and the manner of death was changed. “Since there are many unanswered questions and limited additional evidence available for evaluation, it is opined by this Medical Examiner that the manner of death should be left as undetermined,” the report says.  It is still unclear whether Wood fell off the boat or was pushed. The full details of the report were released Monday. The case was reopened after Dennis Davern, captain of Wagner’s 60 foot yacht, stepped forward to say that Wood disappeared after she and her husband Wagner had an explosive fight which Wagner allegedly shouted “Get off my f—— boat!”  In the new report released Monday, the distress call from Wagner’s boat came an hour and a half after the time Wood was dead and there are conflicting statement as to when Wood went missing and whether the two fought. The sherriff’s spokesman has said that Wood’s twice-wed husband Robert Wagner was not a suspect.

Rush Limbaugh Compares Gay Marriage Acceptance To Pedophilia ‘Normalization’

Rush Limbaugh Compares Gay Marriage Acceptance To Pedophilia ‘Normalization’.

Sorry to bring this one up and I apologize for straight men like this who are so misinformed and stuck in the dark ages that I am embarrassed for him. Shout to my LGBTs out there love y’all and I am straight just to keep it straight. I think is sad in any country for anyone with any sway whether political, media, or entertainment to make such hateful comments when it is really no ones business but your own to make your own decision about your life. Freedom of speech in the U.S. I think is used and abused all the time and here is one of those times. If I hear one more person say that marriage is between a man and a woman, I will go crazy because again people that is not my business what you do. By the way side note, what happened to separation of church and state? Anywho, before i get too much more off topic Limbaugh the attention whore that he is stated that there is a movement to “normalize” pedophilia, a movement he says is similar to society’s “normalization” of same-sex marriage.

How can you compare the two and as far as I am concerned the two are very different subject with nothing in common. Limbaugh is oppose to gay marriage as he says Obama has waged war on traditional marriage. The comment was sparked because of a recent article in the Guardian discussing various lines of research on the brains of pedophiles. “There is a growing conviction, notably in Canada, that paedophilia should probably be classified as a distinct sexual orientation, like heterosexuality or homosexuality,” writes John Henley of the Guardian. Henley cites one researcher who says society may be wrong about the classification of pedophiles, but notes many who are against any such reclassification.

However, Limbaugh claimed such a discussion points to a “movement to normalize pedophilia” and likened such “normalization” to the recent progress that same-sex marriage has made in the U.S.

Marriage Proposals: Man’s Proposal Has An Embarrassing Typo (VIDEO)

Marriage Proposals: Man’s Proposal Has An Embarrassing Typo (VIDEO).

Wow I feel bad for this guy. Luckily the girl still said yes. Question: Why did the daughter notice it but the dad didn’t? Find out what it was.

Long-Married Couple, Melvin And Doris Cornelson, Die Within Hours Of Each Other

Long-Married Couple, Melvin And Doris Cornelson, Die Within Hours Of Each Other.

It’s sweet and sad at the same time. Be inspired and watch the video.