Hezbollah Role In Syria Crisis Looks Poised To Grow

Hezbollah Role In Syria Crisis Looks Poised To Grow.

Religious wars have been waging for millennia, so why do we think its going to stop anytime soon? In October, Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader, in a rare speech commented on rumors about his Lebanese Shiite group’s involvement in Syria’s civil conflict since reports from the front had reported Hezbollah fighters returning from Syria. Of course he denied these reports, but did say the group may join the fight in the future. According to Huff Post, he remarked that “As of now, we have not fought alongside the regime…We don’t know about the future.” The battle lines have been drawn quite neatly as most of the rebels are Sunni Muslims supported by Arabian Gulf countries, while the Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime are backed by the Iranian Shiite government and Hezbollah. Since the speech by the leader of Hezbollah, there are signs that the group is being drawn into the conflict spreading the violence no over into Lebanon. A Lebanese newspaper last week said a handful of Hezbollah fighters have been killed in battles with Syrian rebels in Al-Qusayr a town close to the Lebanon border. The reports of Hezbollah’s incursions into Syria date back months and unconfirmed reports of Syrian rebels attacking Hezbollah positions have surfaces after rebels gave Hezbollah a deadline set to end Friday to withdraw their forces from Syria or they would take action. Hezbollah party leaders are asking for the Lebanese government to become more involved in making a political settlement with Syria over the violence.