Muslims, Christians Clash In Southern Egypt Over Accusations In Luxor

Muslims, Christians Clash In Southern Egypt Over Accusations In Luxor.

Wow religion should bring people together not pull people apart or in this case be used the way it is. In Luxor, Egypt, police had to break up hundreds of Muslim protestors outside a church in Southern Egypt on Friday claiming that a Christian man sexually assaulted a 6 year old girl. The village of Marashda in the Qena province had four shops torched overnight because of the accusation that one of the shop owners, a Coptic Christian, molested the young girl. The police are investigating the accusations against the merchant. These flare ups have been happening more frequently between the two groups mainly because the country ousted the longtime President Hosni Mubarak and has weakened national security. The Egyptians Christians are concerned that the ultraconservative powers that overthrew the president allows the extremist Muslims the ability to do whatever they want to the Coptic Christians especially in poorer areas. The group only makes up 10 percent of the 85 million people in the country and have long complained of discrimination by the state. The clashes between the groups are caused primarily by church construction, and disputes, and the mingling of the two religion as in love affairs.