‘Gun Owners Support Starbucks’ Day Celebrated On February 22

‘Gun Owners Support Starbucks’ Day Celebrated On February 22.

With all the problems in American and for that matter the gripping financial crisis across the globe, I think the issue of gun control has become so tied up and ridiculous that the impending sequestration that will occur on March 1 takes priority. Don’t get me wrong gun violence is on the rise unfortunately, so something really does need to be done about it but the government keeps getting tied up with special interest groups and people who really don’t understand the second amendment. I am not afraid to say it people once again the constitution is their to protect our right but people have taken it to a whole other level. I believe in protecting our rights, but I think anyone will agree that their is a better way to protect our children and ourselves than more guns. Instead of focusing on just the weapons themselves, all I am ask is that more measures are taken and followed to keep as many guns away from people who really should not have them such as criminals and mentally unstable individuals. It does not make me feel safe seeing anyone carrying a gun freely in public not even the police because who can you trust now a days it makes me nervous that is why I do not own one. The people these pro second amendment people should be going after are the ones on our payroll…the lawmakers and president not each other. People like to think the NRA has their interests at heart, but they stand to lose a lot of money if membership or guns are regulated more (gun manufacturers hello) that is why they have so many lobbyists. Hey if you want to own a gun more power to you but get your facts right before you attack people about their dislike of guns. Guns don’t necessarily paint a pretty picture they just make a mess.

On Friday, gun rights activists plan to descent on Starbucks in order to bring the coffee chain face to face with the nationwide debate on gun control. Why Starbucks? The chain allows customers to carry guns openly as long as it is legal in the state, so to show their appreciation some activists have designated Friday, February 22 as “Gun Owners Support Starbucks” Day. More than a thousands people plan to participate and 700 people liked the moments Facebook page.  An organizer of the event, Ed Levine, told WNEW that “Some anti-gunners wanted citizens such like myself kicked out of Starbucks for carrying a gun and Starbucks said, ‘Hey, we’re here to sell cakes and coffees.'” Zack Hutson, a spokesman for Starbucks commented to the Huff Post that, “Where laws can permit open carry, our stores permit it. Where laws don’t permit open carry, our stores prohibit it. We encourage customer and advocacy groups from both sides to share their input with public officials.”

Everyone has the freedom to hold their own opinions and beliefs, but where the problem comes is when people do not acknowledge other people may not believe the same thing. Here in lies the conflict in any major fight. I don’t think gun control and gun violence would be such a controversial issue if people would compromise to come to a solution that benefits everyone without compromising their beliefs. Guns do little to bring people together as it as proven in the past and second amendment activists are proving now.