Video – Santa Uses Sign Language With Deaf Boy Video – Santa Uses Sign Language With Deaf Boy.

This is so sweet. The video says it all and will touch your heart that a complete stranger will go the extra mile for someone they don’t know. This is happening more and more across the country. I hope Santa inspires you to go the extra mile. Happy Holidays! Video – Secret Santa Gives Away $200 at Mall, Then Splits Video – Secret Santa Gives Away $200 at Mall, Then Splits.

Another Christmas story to make you smile. This woman was giving a Christmas card to strangers then leaving before they could say thank you. The money she left with the card ranged from 100 to 200, but it put a smile on people’s faces and a perk in their step. The only description for the woman was a hat and a coat. Maybe you have seen her…Happy holidays and spread some cheer by making someone smile. Video – Valley Churches United Mission Gives to Families in Need Video – Valley Churches United Mission Gives to Families in Need.

This is a great story. Even with all the tragedies that have happened, there is still the spirit of giving and giving hope to other who have fallen on hard times. This is what makes America great and more people should remember this. We should all do our best to help each other not just during the holiday season but all year.

Polar Bear Hangout.

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My favorite piece I have done. It’s called Polar Slip and Slide. It’s part of my 3D postcard painting collection. Come read about it here

Custom 3D Postcard Paintings Instructions: A Paint and Sculpt By Numbers Guide

1) Gather the materials you will need to complete the project I have provide a recommended list: canvas, air dry clay, paint brushes fat and thin, super glue, paint primary colors plus black and white or whatever colors you want if you don’t want to mix them, sealer, pallet or paper plate to mix color, cup for rinsing brushes preferably one dedicated to this (do not drink out of it), clay tools, pencil either black or white to draw your design on the canvas plus an eraser, old towel to dry brushes, plastic bag preferably a Ziploc bag gallon size

2) First get your pencil, eraser and canvas plus your reference material i.e. magazine or internet

3) Come up with an idea for your masterpiece either from flipping through a magazine or surf the web and save the pics to your computer as a reference.

4) Once you have your materials then sketch your design (only need a rough sketch) onto your canvas and think about what element you want to pop out the most that will be your sculpt.

5) After you sketch your design onto the canvas, then begin to sculpt your 3D element you picked to emphasize on your painting. I recommend using a Ziploc bag to put your canvas in and sculpt on top of he bag so you can get the size and dimension right plus you keep your canvas clean and you can easily peel off the piece without breaking it. Once sculpted follow the direction to dry. Dry time varies depending on how thick you made your sculpt. My sculpt will take 3 to 4 hours, but you can use polymer clay and dry in the oven much quicker.

6) While your sculpt is drying, you can begin to paint the background with your design remember to use  your reference pics you saved to paint to make it easier for you.

7) Once your sculpt is dry then paint it and let that dry. After it dries and you are satisfied with it, then super glue it or use a strong adhesive to your painting where you want it so it can dry.

8) Finally once everything is dry and secure you can varnish or seal it with whatever you want and let that dry overnight.

9) Voila! You have your very own masterpiece and 3D postcard painting. Leave a message on the back and surprise your friends and family with this unique gift.

To see more of my creations please visit: Make it your own! Come up with the idea and let me use my imagination to take it to the next level.