Antibiotic-Resistant Disease Crisis May Bring ‘Apocalyptic Scenario,’ UK Health Officer Says

Antibiotic-Resistant Disease Crisis May Bring ‘Apocalyptic Scenario,’ UK Health Officer Says.

Scary reality for the world to consider since civilization is encountering more and more new or evolved species and strains of existing diseases. Like all living things, viruses and bacteria have found ways around the immune system and disable the body’s ability to detect them before it is too late. A prominent British health official declared that the rise of antibiotic resistant super bugs has become such a monumental threat that the world is now facing an “apocalyptic scenario” where people die of routine disease. Dame Sally Davies, the U.K chief medical officer, told Parliament that contagious antibiotic resistant disease should be placed on the official register of possible national emergencies right next to terrorist attacks and natural disasters according to the Guardian. Super bugs are bacteria that has evolved defenses against antibiotic drugs and some strains have become resistant to all treatment. People need to realize there are already untreatable infections such as the rising threat of antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis and gonorrhea as well as three of particular concern which are Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumonia. Basically, the health community need to reexamine why these diseases are becoming super bugs and try to overhaul the way the system works. There are natural and man made causes for super bugs to evolve and adapt to their host some of them include patients not finishing their rounds of antibiotics and the bacteria mutating to adapt to its new environment. Whatever the reason, this is a real threat with the prospect of biological weapons on the horizon.