Idaho Planned Community, The Citadel, Would Require Everyone to Bear Arms | AOL Real Estate

Idaho Planned Community, The Citadel, Would Require Everyone to Bear Arms | AOL Real Estate.

A city fortress has plans to break ground in Idaho as the first community to require its residents to bare arms. The city in Idaho will be called The Citadel where ages 13 and up would carry guns and the goal is to protect American liberty and to prepare for catastrophes of any kind. The plans are being made by groups of online organizers and gun companies. The community according to there website is making room for 3,500 to 7,000 that agree with their philosophy. The community will have no HOA fees, no recycling police, and no local ordinance enforcers. The III Arms gun company has purchased 20 acres in western Idaho and more than 200 people have signed up to live here. The community will also have its own gun manufacturing facility with guarded towers. The problem is that it may never break ground and one State Representative says it looks pretty far-fetched castle that would need a awful lot of capital to build. The Citadel organizers area allowing anyone to be a pat of the community but says some people may be incompatible with the lifestyle and ideology. To apply, you have to pay $208 application fee and sign a Patriot Agreement that will require all residents who meet the criteria to carry an AR-15 rifle, ammo, and other supplies. I wish them luck, but I think they are going to have more road blocks than just money.

Ciccio the Dog Attends Church

Ciccio the Dog Attends Church.

This is such a sweet story I had to share it. To me, the picture speaks volumes about how dedicated animals are to their owners and that humans can learn a lot. In Rome, Tommy a 12 year old German Shepard hasn’t missed a single day of mass since his owner died 2 month ago. The small church he attends in southern Italy is where his mistress’s funeral was held Wednesday. Each afternoon when the bells of Santa Maria Assunta church ring, Tommy will set off for the village to get a front row seat next to the alter says the Il Messaggero newspaper. His owner “Maria tu lu campu” — “Maria of the fields” — lived alone with Tommy and three other rescue dogs who used to follow her faithfully on her daily rounds and have now been adopted by the village. Tommy has returned daily since his mistress’s coffin was brought to the church on the day of her funeral  and sits quietly through all celebrations and masses including funerals according to father Donato Panna.