Starbucks Fiscal Cliff Cup Campaign Urges Lawmakers To ‘Come Together’ On Deal

Starbucks Fiscal Cliff Cup Campaign Urges Lawmakers To ‘Come Together’ On Deal.

This is why I love Starbucks. More businesses and celebrity to be honest who have more pull unfortunately in the political arena should be speaking out about the Fiscal Cliff we are about to jump off of because for some reason our lawmakers and president can’t come together and put aside petty differences.  I don’t care what party you belong to, but come one and grow up and make a decision instead putting forth your own agenda. People need to wake up and inform themselves because our leaders we elect are not.

Not Before My Coffee!

I know how this guy feels.



There are very few things in this world that truly annoy me.  O.k., there are plenty, however most of them seem to hit midday when I am too busy to notice them.  However, it’s those few, those brave, foolish few, that hit before I’ve had my coffee that truly cheese me off.

The Short List

1. Being Misquoted – This one simple thing can push my buttons faster than any other.  Being the well-known mediator for friends and family, there is NOTHING I despise more than being misquoted.  Whether it is a couple who’ve asked for advice and fling the wrong things at each other after the fact, or someone stating I’ve made a comment that I simply have not made; this type of situation is the worst possible occurrence before I’ve had my coffee.  It brings forth my inner RAWR! like no other action can do.

2. Perky Morning…

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