Chris And Malissa Tack’s Tiny Home Transformed This High-Tech Couple Into Simple-Living Converts (PHOTOS)

Chris And Malissa Tack’s Tiny Home Transformed This High-Tech Couple Into Simple-Living Converts (PHOTOS).

And now for something completely different…well not really but it is an actual home and actually quite small and dealing with the challenges of space. Before the husband and wife built their very own 140-square-foot tiny home near Seattle, Washington, both worked in high-tech fields. Six months later they were reaping the benefits of their new home, especially after Tack lost his job just seven months later. Since small living is relatively inexpensive, their overhead costs were low and the home will actually be paid in-full in just two or three years.And in true tiny home owner fashion, they look forward to spreading the word about this style of living. “If you think differently and embrace the non-traditional, you can come up with some pretty amazing game changing possibilities,” he said.


Love to draw it inspired me everyday. Check out what this blogger has to say and I agree whole heartedly.

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