Icelandair Passenger Restrained With Tape After Mid-Flight Incident (PHOTO)

An allegedly unruly Icelandair passenger was restrained with tape and zip-ties on a recent flight from Iceland to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport after an incident, according to multiple reports including Gudjon Arngrimsson, the airline’s vice president of corporate communications, confirmed to Iceland newspaper Visir Thursday night. The reason the man was subdued according to Arngrimsson was because of dangerous behaviors including threatening passengers and crew members.

I guess some people were not meant to fly. This situation seems to happen quite a bit but goes unreported unless you see a photo like this one above.  In September, Arash Durrani was tackled and restrained when he was behaving aggressively towards women on a United flight and in July a former JetBlue pilot, Clayton F. Osbon, was subdue mid-flight because of a breakdown. Obson was indicted on charges for crew interference but was found not guilty by a judge for reasons of insanity.