What is happening in America?

Lone Star College Shooting: Multiple People Shot At Texas College Campus.
Kelly Suckla
Kelly Suckla Fatally Shot Estranged Wife Kristi Suckla And Self At Daughter’s Sweet 16: Police .
Nehemiah Griego
Nehemiah Griego, Teen Accused Of Killing Family, Had Homicidal And Suicidal Thoughts: Cops .

I grouped these stories together to give everyone the point of view of the victim and potential shooters to see if people will finally see that the problem isn’t just guns but mental health. As a world we need to treat the whole person instead of oversimplifying the problem and chalking it up to bad decision making. For the government and private interest, put aside your own selfish agenda and address the real problem…it’s not all about you! The top story comes out of the lone star state of Texas where multiple people shot at a Houston, Texas campus on Tuesday. One person detained, but person is not officially a suspect. Their is a movement to expand concealed weapons in the state of Texas but after this shooting that may not happen if the reports are true that the shooting was a result of a heated argument. Further more, state lawmakers continue to loosen gun laws even more as one state senator is trying to get a bill passed where students, faculty, and staff can carry concealed weapons on campus for protection. The second story is about a man out of Grapevine, Texas who shot his estranged wife and then himself at his daughter’s sweet 16 party. An argument turned the celebration into tragedy when Kelly Suckla allegedly killed Kristi Suckla never the front door of her parents’ home on Saturday in an ear shot of the party going on for their daughter. The last story is a familiar story in American today. In Albuquerque, New Mexico a teenager gundown his family over the weekend then planned to go to Wal Mart and shoot more people. Instead, the teen sent a picture of his dead mother to his girlfriend then spent much of Saturday with the girl going to church where his father was a pastor eventually admitting to killing his parents and three siblings. Oh and he is 15 years old…are we really shocked. The teen was hoping to die in a shootout with police (sounds like a video game), but it is unclear why he didn’t follow his plan. The teen shot his mother because of his anger issues and was annoyed, he then shot his sibling and became upset and decided to grab his parents’ assault rifle and ambushed his father. People need to wake up and see what is happening to America. The effects of guns are far reaching not only effecting families but complete stranger as well.



Joseph Kelley, Utah Man, Takes Rifle To J.C. Penney To Show Guns Can Be Safe (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Joseph Kelley, Utah Man, Takes Rifle To J.C. Penney To Show Guns Can Be Safe (PHOTO, VIDEO).

I do give this man credit for being so ballsy and standing up for what he believes. I don’t know if that’s the reason he did it or he was afraid his guns would be taken away with Obama’s new gun proposal announced this last Wednesday. On that same Wednesday, a woman shopping at J.C. Penny in Riverdale saw a man carrying a rifle slung across his chest, extra ammunition and a sidearm in holster on his right hip, so she did what anyone would do take a picture. The Utah man’s reason was to demonstrate guns in law abiding citizens hands can be safe. The man identified as Joseph Kelley is a firm believer obviously in the second amendment. Besides Kelley, other pro-amendment demonstrations have been going on in the wake of the Obama’s gun control proposal in response to the Sandy Hook shooting. In Oregon two men walked down the main street in Portland carrying assault rifles explaining that they are exercising their Second Amendment right and hope to educate the people on gun rights. What these people are failing to realize is that the way guns were used and obtained in each shooting whether school, mall, etc. was not legal in any way, so to protect the public stricter rules must be implemented. If you have no criminal past or any kind of mental instability in your past, then you can still buy guns. I don’t really understand why they feel all of our rights to own guns is being violated. Plus they are operating on a principal that is over 200 years old that doesn’t mean the same thing it did 200 years ago when it was being written.

Walmart Promises To Strengthen Supply Chain Safeguards After Bangladesh Factory Fire

Walmart Promises To Strengthen Supply Chain Safeguards After Bangladesh Factory Fire.

Why is Walmart allowed to operate under different standards? I mean not saying our corporate restrictions are actually followed because corporate America looks at them more as guidelines, but this should be a clue into the shady practices of business and Obama if you’re listening might want to tighten up a bit. What is ethical about the way they operate?

Dollar Store Deals and Duds — Savings Experiment – DailyFinance


Dollar Store Deals and Duds — Savings Experiment – DailyFinance.

A must watch for us bargain shoppers and those who want value.


AOL.com Video – Dentist Office Employees Surprise Shoppers as Secret Santas

AOL.com Video – Dentist Office Employees Surprise Shoppers as Secret Santas.

This is an awesome story. Just in time for the holidays.

AOL.com Video – ‘Layaway Angels’ Help Families This Christmas

AOL.com Video – ‘Layaway Angels’ Help Families This Christmas.

I wish there were more people like this. Merry Christmas, be a secret Santa and watch this video.