The Largest Child Seat Recall in American History

With the recent recalls plaguing the auto industry in record numbers, on Tuesday, Graco Children’s products recalled 1.9 million infant car seats due to increasing demands from U.S. safety regulators making this recall the largest seat recall in American history, according to Tom Krisher (Graco gives in, agrees to recall infant car seats). The announcement comes after a five month spat between Graco and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The company earlier this year recalled 4.2 million toddler seats because of catchy harness buckles, however it refused to recall the infant seats in accordance with agency demands. The buckles issue was also debated as the NHTSA believed the buckles increased the risk of injury in emergencies with some parents having to cut their children out of the harness and  Graco arguing that the infant seats could be removed as a whole rather than using the buckle. In February when the recall was announced by Graco, the NHTSA issued a stern letter asking why the infant seats were not included when parents had filed complaints with them and the company about the stuck buckles. In addition, the letter accuses the company of downplaying the recall using incomplete and misleading documents that would be seen by consumers. As a result, the agency threatened civil penalties. However Graco, a division of Atlanta based Newell Rubbermaid Inc., told the Associated Press that the rear facing infant seats weren’t recalled because infants do not get food or drink on their seats. Graco did agree, however, to replace buckles upon request. In a June 27 letter to NHTSA, Graco did admit upon further investigation that there was a “higher than typical level of difficulty” in unlatching the infant seat buckles. The company spokeswoman, Ashley Mowrey, said that Tuesday move, which brings the recall to 6.1 million seats, comes after months of sharing data and research with NHTSA. The company said the recall “is in the best interest of consumers and underscores our shared commitment to child passenger safety.” According to NHTSA, the infant-seat models covered by Tuesday’s recall include the SnugRide, SnugRide Classic Connect (including Classic Connect 30 and 35), SnugRide 30, SnugRide 35, SnugRide Click Connect 40, and Aprica A30. They were manufactured between July 2010 and May 2013, according to NHTSA. Graco will replace the buckle for free and offers to send free replacement buckles to any customer even those not a part of the recall. Krisher reports that the company says owners can check to see if their seats have been recalled by going to or by calling (877) 766-7470.

The Circus Has Come to Town

Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy appeared on CNN’s ‘State of Union’ on Sunday to discuss many things, but one particular subject sparked quite a response from the governor. As one of the country’s strictest gun control legislation goes into affect in Connecticut just four months after the Newtown shooting, the NRA president Wayne LaPierre has wasted no time publicly criticizing the new legislation as alleged fears spread that the gun manufactures might flee the state. The governor has this to say reports the Huff Post:

“Wayne reminds me of the clowns at the circus. They get the most attention and that’s what he’s paid to do. This guy is so out of whack, it’s unbelievable. 92% of the American people want universal background checks. I can’t get on a plane as the governor of the state of Connecticut without somebody running a background check on me. Why should you be able to buy a gun?….We’ve decided that public safety trumps all of that (regarding gun manufacturing). I hope they stay and manufacture products that can legally be sold. But if they leave, that will be a decision they make. We’re not making them leave.”

Meanwhile, in Washington, families of the Connecticut school shooting along with President Barack Obama are walking the halls of Congress to garner support for stricter gun control regulations. The group has already helped to push the nation’s most restrictive gun law that was signed by Gov. Malloy, D-Conn, on Thursday. As Congress returns from spring break the families plan to spend the next weeks on Capitol Hill where the gun control debate has reached a stalemate. Using their own personal stories and the lasting affects of the Dec 14 shooting, the group hopes to speak to senators who have yet to support gun legislation. As David Wheeler, who lost a 6 year old son, Benjamin, commented to the Associated Press: “I’m not a constitutional scholar and I’m not a Second Amendment specialist. I don’t know the ins and outs of gun policy but I know …,” his voice trailed off as a sob catches in his throat. “But I now know one of the things that no father should ever know. And in our system of representative government we have to use our voices.”

Many of the families affected by the Newtown Massacre at Sandy Hook come from diverse political backgrounds and do not always agree on policy reports the Associated Press. The group includes gun owners, Democrats and Republicans. Mark Mattioli, who lost his 6 year old son James, attended a NRA news conference last week to endorse  a proposal to train school staffers as armed officers, while relatives of nine victims have a non-profit group called the Sandy Hook Promise who came together to sign letters Thursday to senators asking them to vote for expanded background checks, stricter gun trafficking laws and ban ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds. The magazine Adam Lanza used a magazine capable of 30 rounds of ammunition firing 154 shots during the four minute rampage in the school and stopped to reload giving 11 children the chance to escape according to the Associated Press. Nicole Hockley who lost her 6 year old son, Dylan, in the classroom where Lanza reloaded commented that, “They ran for their lives. Dylan was not so fortunate. If there were lower capacity magazine clips, there’s a chance Dylan would be here with me today.” She drives home her point by handing out cards to lawmakers with her son pictured in a Superman T-shirt and grinning with the caption “Honor his life 3/8/06-12/14/12. Stand with us for change. Now is the time.” Bill Sherlach also passes out a similar card with his Wife, Mary, a school psychologist who died, pictured asking lawmakers, “Can you show the same courage in your vote today?”

As strong as the message may be to lawmakers, it’s a tough road ahead as Congress has a strong tradition of protecting gun rights as barring large capacity magazines are difficult and senators cannot agree on the expanded background check. The Sandy Hook Promise stated days after the shooting as a group of neighbors came together and decided to take action to heal the community and aid victims’ families. The group has so far shoveled driveways, given funds to those on hard economic times and use their personal and professional connections to support public policy from mental health to gun safety. The co-founder Tim Makris had this to say, “This is not about just guns. The gun is the enabler, the cause is mental health.” Ubnfortunately for COngress, the iussue befoe them is guns. THe families of victims watchs on March 28 as Obama spoke about Congress and the importance of his proposal: “Less than 100 days ago that happened, and the entire country was shocked. And the entire country pledged we would do something about it and that this time would be different. Shame on us if we’ve forgotten. I haven’t forgotten those kids.” Obama plans to meet with the families Monday when he travels to Connecticut for a speech at the University of Hartford Sports Center close to the capitol where the governor signed the sweeping new gun restriction into law Thursday according to the Associated Press.

Russia Adoption Ban: Thousands March To Protest Law Banning Americans From Adopting Russian Children

Adoption ban protest

Russia Adoption Ban: Thousands March To Protest Law Banning Americans From Adopting Russian Children.

Up to 20,000 protested in Moscow on Sunday due to a new Russian law banning Americans from adopting Russian children. Shouting shame on the scum, protestors carried signs with President Vladimir Putin’s face as well as members of parliament who voted for the law last month. Opponents of the law says that it victimizes children to make a political statement and to make matter worse the anti-Kremlin opposition has exploited the ban as further evidence Putin and the parliament has lost the moral right to rule Russia. However, the Kremlin has used the adoption law to further discredit the opposition as unpatriotic and on the American payroll. The adoption ban was in retaliation of the US targeting Russians in human rights abuse and addresses the some 19 children out of 60,000 children killed while in the care of American adoptive parents over the past two decades. The bill was named after Dima Yakovlev who was a toddler who died in 2008 when left in a car for hours in the boiling heat.
What do you think? I am not in favor of either group because both groups are wrong in the way this is handled and are both exploiting children to make their point. I can understand the concerns of the Kremlin if Russian children have died while in the care of American parents no matter what the number is. What people are overlooking is the fact the US namely Obama took it upon himself to accuse Russian of human rights abuse when that happens everyday in America and the fact that Russian children adopted have suffered human rights abuse while under the care of Americans. It is the pot calling the kettle black so to speak. I do think that the opportunity to adopt from Russia for Americans should not have been banned but what both parties are saying is ridiculous. Why not try and change the system here in American so many deserving American children can find great homes?


Taft Union High School Teacher, Campus Supervisor ‘Talked Down’ Shooter, Deputy Says

Taft Union High School Teacher, Campus Supervisor ‘Talked Down’ Shooter, Deputy Says.

Another shooting and more violence, when will people address the whole issue not just part of it which is gun laws. The NRA can stand on their soap box and the government can sit on their moral high horse, but who does that help? We are avoiding instead of addressing the larger problem here which is mental stability not gun laws. You can make as many gun laws as you want but the fact remains all of these shooting involve minors who got their guns from someone else. In all of these cases, it has been determined that the mental stability and maturity of the child was so underwhelming that it doesn’t take much to push a person over the edge. In all cases and even this one I am sure, it was a cry for help or a final solution because the child didn’t get the help they desired. Wake up America we are not the same country we use to be and children are expose to far more dangers than yester year, so let’s stand up and confront the issues affecting our youth today and crippling a country.

Yu Youzhen, Chinese Millionaire, Works As Street Cleaner To Set Good Example For Her Children

Yu Youzhen, Chinese Millionaire, Works As Street Cleaner To Set Good Example For Her Children.

I commend this mom for teaching them the value of community and staying grounded. Since 1998, 53 year old Chinese real estate mogul Yu Youzhen wakes up everyday at 3 am to sweep the roadway for $228 month. Why does she do it you ask? To set a good example for her kids. Not too many millionaires would be willing to do this unless court ordered. “I want to be a role model for my son and daughter. I don’t want to sit around idly and eat away my fortune,” Yu told local newspaper Wuhan Evening News, according to the SCMP. Yu refuses to give up her contract job because she believes that “Work is not just about the salary, it makes one focused,” Yu told the Wuhan Evening News, according to the Telegraph. “Laziness gives rise to all sorts of bad habits.” Don’t worry though her two kids have salary jobs, but she has given them an ultimatum that she will relinquish her real estate to the government, if her children don’t continue to work, local media note. Kudos to this mom for setting a good example for all kids everywhere. More parents should take a page out her book you might be surprised at the result.

6-Month-Old Baby Ejected In Car Crash, Miraculously Surives

6-Month-Old Baby Ejected In Car Crash, Miraculously Survives.

This is an amazing story considering in most of these crashes the fatality rate in almost a 100%. A six-month-old baby boy survived a horrific car accident last week in Raymond, Maine, the force of the crash ripped the baby from his car seat and threw him 25 feet landing in the snow. The boy suffered a fractured skull but will recover. The boy’s mother was distracted adjusting her GPS when she ran a stop sign at an intersection colliding with a pick up truck driven by another woman with two kids in her own car.

Red Robin Receipt Shows Manager Comped Pregnant Mom’s Meal (PHOTO)

Red Robin Receipt Shows Manager Comped Pregnant Mom’s Meal (PHOTO).

I thought this deserved an honorable mention today. A woman eating at a Red Robin was pleasantly surprised along with her husband and two year old to find the manager had comped her meal plus left her this nice note on her receipt.  These are the act of random kindness I like to do and talk about because he might not of changed the world but he did make someone’s day a little better. Let it inspire you to help out your fellow man. Read more about it above and tell me what you think.