Lee Wright, Formerly Homeless Artist, Supports Himself Through Paintings

Lee Wright, Formerly Homeless Artist, Supports Himself Through Paintings.

Lee Wright of Chico, Calif., had been homeless for 15 years before a positive turn of events allowed him to start living off his lifelong talent: painting. Two years ago when he arrived at Jesus Center, a  organization that provides meals and support to the homeless, he was given art supplies and a place to paint during the day and sleeping behind dumpsters during the night. A volunteer at the center saw his work and helped him to secure his first commission. He has been able to get an apartment from his commissions ranging from $80-100 and has acquired a healthy Facebook following. Art therapy for the homeless has proven to be very effective and many cities have embraced the idea. It provides them with a way to be creative in their solutions to their problems.

I believe this so strongly that if you give a man a fish than he can eat for a day but if you teach a man to fish than he can eat for a lifetime. We do not do enough in this country to help out the less fortunate we have a tendency to write them off and discard them like trash. Remember at one point in their life no matter the story they were also productive members of society and need to find their way back. Homelessness can happen to anyone I know I was homeless at one point. I encourage everyone to try and have compassion for these people because you never know what you might find.



‘Storage Wars’: Darrell Sheets Gets Biggest Payout In Show’s History (VIDEO)

‘Storage Wars’: Darrell Sheets Gets Biggest Payout In Show’s History (VIDEO).

This is one lucky guy he only paid $3,000 for a locker full of art and got a $300,000 return on his investment. Pretty good I think. As for the lawsuit by Dave Hester who was formerly on the show, Darrell Sheets the man above says the lockers are not rigged and plans to give back some of the artwork to the artist who says that the artwork was hidden from him by an ex.

Polar Bear Hangout.

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My favorite piece I have done. It’s called Polar Slip and Slide. It’s part of my 3D postcard painting collection. Come read about it here