Pedro Reyes Turns Guns Into Musical Instruments

Pedro Reyes Turns Guns Into Musical Instruments.

I thought this was truly a unique idea and send a clear message to people about how something that causes so much hurt can bring so much joy… take a page out of his book NRA. The guns of northern Mexico have found a new purpose instead of causing so many more deaths they are now making music. Mechanical hammers ping against once used ammunition magazines from assault rifles, while gun barrels cut to different lengths ring like marimbas and pistol parts strike metal plates like cymbals. Sculptor Pedro Reyes told the Associated Press that “it’s important to consider that many lives were taken with these weapons, as if a sort of exorcism was taking place.”He continued to say,”the music expelled the demons they held, as well as being a requiem for lives lost.”

The title of the project is called “Disarm” and he had the opportunity to choose from 6,700 guns that were seized or turned in by the army and police in Ciudad Juarez, a city that sees 10 killing a day in a population of 1.3 million people. The city had a murder rate of 230 per 100,000 inhabitants, while the nationwide rate for the U.S. was 4.8 for the year. Reyes said in an interviews while demonstrating his instruments that,”the dramatic thing is that this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the weapons that are seized every day and that the army has to destroy.” Reyes was well known already for his 2008 project called “Palas por Pistolas,” or “Pistols to Shovels,” where he used melted down weapons to make 1,527 shovels same as the number of weapons and planted the same number of trees. The new project began last year as Reyes explains,”normally, they bury or destroy them, but someone who works in the government said, `Would you be interested in making a sculpture with this metal?'” Reyes hopes to take his message global,”this project has a pacifist intent, to create a global consciousness about arms trafficking.”

Violence has become a theme in Mexican art as another artist, Teresa Margolles, uses artifacts collected from crime scenes from the violence plagued state of Sinaloa. The reason behind Reyes musical sculptures are explained,”It occurred to me to make musical instruments, because music is the opposite of weapons. This exercise of transformation we see with the guns, is what we would like to see in society.”

Richard and Rachel Lane Turn School Bus Into Energy-Efficient Home | AOL Real Estate

Richard and Rachel Lane Turn School Bus Into Energy-Efficient Home | AOL Real Estate.

These people are living the green dream and having fun while doing it. Spacious yet minimalistic, fun yet funky, economical yet eco friendly…I could go on like this forever, but these are all ways to describe this eco chic couple. The Lanes live on a bus in the San Francisco Bay area: a former school bus, to be exact, that they purchased in Oregon via Craigslist for $3,000.  The 39-foot bus is just like “a regular home” on the inside: it features a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, lounge area and even a movie room on the bus’ “second story.” Its livability is achieved by using custom, hand-made furniture, and IKEA pieces that have been altered to fit the bus’ specs. And it even sleeps 10! Plus they live completely off the grid and only pay $100 a month for maintenance this is the new American Dream.

Rachel, a therapist, and Richard, an IT professional, have been living on the bus full-time for four years. Many people are taking the American Dream to the next level by coming up with creative ways to still have the creature comforts of home in a smaller but happy space.  The increase of alternative housing is in response to the change in the economic climate and the greater need for flexibility and sustainability. Eco friendly is not just for the tree huggers anymore.

Henna Artist Pavan Ahluwalia: A Look At The Guinness World Record Holder’s Gorgeous Body Designs (NSFW, PHOTOS)

Henna Artist Pavan Ahluwalia: A Look At The Guinness World Record Holder’s Gorgeous Body Designs (NSFW, PHOTOS).

I have always been a big fan of body art and the lengths of the imagination, but this artwork is by far the most unique I am talking about henna. When I was in India I went to a festival where the women were adorned with unique henna designs and got one myself. The amount of time and energy put into these designs is amazing and well worth the wait. Take a look at her designs and be blown away.

Lee Wright, Formerly Homeless Artist, Supports Himself Through Paintings

Lee Wright, Formerly Homeless Artist, Supports Himself Through Paintings.

Lee Wright of Chico, Calif., had been homeless for 15 years before a positive turn of events allowed him to start living off his lifelong talent: painting. Two years ago when he arrived at Jesus Center, a  organization that provides meals and support to the homeless, he was given art supplies and a place to paint during the day and sleeping behind dumpsters during the night. A volunteer at the center saw his work and helped him to secure his first commission. He has been able to get an apartment from his commissions ranging from $80-100 and has acquired a healthy Facebook following. Art therapy for the homeless has proven to be very effective and many cities have embraced the idea. It provides them with a way to be creative in their solutions to their problems.

I believe this so strongly that if you give a man a fish than he can eat for a day but if you teach a man to fish than he can eat for a lifetime. We do not do enough in this country to help out the less fortunate we have a tendency to write them off and discard them like trash. Remember at one point in their life no matter the story they were also productive members of society and need to find their way back. Homelessness can happen to anyone I know I was homeless at one point. I encourage everyone to try and have compassion for these people because you never know what you might find.



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