Robert Wagner Is Not A Suspect In Natalie Wood’s Death, But He’s Refusing To Talk To Detectives

Robert Wagner Is Not A Suspect In Natalie Wood’s Death, But He’s Refusing To Talk To Detectives.

This story gets stranger and stranger. Veteran actor, Robert Wagner 82, has declined numerous times to cooperate with the renewed investigation into the 1981 death of his wife, Natalie Wood. Wagner’s attorney responded by saying that her client has complied with the investigation form the beginning and has no further information to offer. Lt. Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office says that Wagner has changed his story over the years. Her death is shrouded in mystery and at the time investigator could only come to the conclusion that her death was an accidental drowning. The actress had been boating with her then husband Wagner and actor Christopher Walken prior to her death. When her body was found floating in the water mile away from the boat, her body was covered in bruises. The case reopened in 2011 after the boat’s captain, Dennis Davern, came forward to say that Wagner and his wife were fighting prior to her death which Wagner admitted to. Right now, the police have no suspects and Wagner is not considered one at this time. The death has now been ruled “undetermined.” Wagner is still the only person on the boat from that night who has not spoke to detectives about that night in this new inquiry.

Natalie Wood: New Autopsy Report Shows Injuries Possibly Before Death :

Natalie Wood: New Autopsy Report Shows Injuries Possibly Before Death :

Very interesting mystery altogether. In a newly revised autopsy, the LA County Coroner says that Natalie Wood had bruises and scratches on her arm, wrist and neck before she entered the ocean off Catalina Island and drowned in 1981. The report has reignited speculation that her death was not an accident as the supplemental report details much more than the original since the Sheriff’s Department learns of the new inquiry. The revised report findings now state that it was a “drowning and other undetermined factors” and the manner of death was changed. “Since there are many unanswered questions and limited additional evidence available for evaluation, it is opined by this Medical Examiner that the manner of death should be left as undetermined,” the report says.  It is still unclear whether Wood fell off the boat or was pushed. The full details of the report were released Monday. The case was reopened after Dennis Davern, captain of Wagner’s 60 foot yacht, stepped forward to say that Wood disappeared after she and her husband Wagner had an explosive fight which Wagner allegedly shouted “Get off my f—— boat!”  In the new report released Monday, the distress call from Wagner’s boat came an hour and a half after the time Wood was dead and there are conflicting statement as to when Wood went missing and whether the two fought. The sherriff’s spokesman has said that Wood’s twice-wed husband Robert Wagner was not a suspect.

Aileen Wuornos, Serial Killer, Still A Draw For The Last Resort Hotel

 Aileen Wuornos, Serial Killer, Still A Draw For The Last Resort Hotel.

In Port Orange, Florida, The Last Resort pays homage to one of its more famous clientele, serial killer Aileen Wuornos, because this is the place where she had her last beer before being taken away. The extent to the dedication includes a photo on the bar, bottles of hot sauce and T-shirts sold there, and  an airbrushed portrait lists the seven men she killed along with her last words. At a nearby motel, guests often ask for the room where Wuornos stayed. It has been 10 years since her execution and 22 years since her arrest from this her last place.


In 2003, her story was immortalized in the hitchhiking prostitute depicted by Charlize Theron in the movie “Monster” and continues to draw fascination, sympathy, and captivates the public. Some people who come to the bar want to see the bar from the movie. Her story began as a child when she was raped and abused in Michigan, her father committing suicide in prison, and her mother abandoning her resulting in her selling sex to make ends meet. After being shunned by classmates and her grandparents kicking her out at 15, she hitchhikes out of Michigan to Florida where she claimed she killed her first victim in self defense after being raped by a man she picked up off the highway.


The close friend who wrote and received letter from Wuornos while on death row before her execution, says that the bar is exploiting this woman for a profit which is upsetting to her. I think that regardless if this guy has or not, the fact remains is that people love a good story especially a crime of such a brutal nature as this. Even if this guy didn’t take advantage of the opportunity people would still come there but may not come there because of the fact this notorious serial killer had been there.  I know quite a bit about Wuornos’ story and feel nothing but sympathy for the woman that was eventually executed as it the generally feeling from the females who visit his bar. I think it is great she is remember not as a serial killer sensationalized by the media and exploited by a movie but as a human being who has a crappy hand dealt her.


Marilyn Monroe’s FBI File: Redactions Regarding Communist Ties Removed

Marilyn Monroe’s FBI File: Redactions Regarding Communist Ties Removed.

The tragedy that is Marilyn Monroe and her last days on this earth remain a mystery until now. I encourage you to read the article because it will make you rethink the possibility of suicide as the cause of death. Apparently our government was monitoring her for communist activities at or around the time of her death. Many still believe that this tie had something to do with her death. Foul play anyone?