Pope Benedict XVI Resigned Partly Because Of Powerful Vatican Gay Lobby, Italian Paper Claims

Pope Benedict XVI Resigned Partly Because Of Powerful Vatican Gay Lobby, Italian Paper Claims.

Well I guess no organization no matter how rich and powerful can avoid conspiracies theories and scandal especially since one more won’t hurt the Vatican who is no stranger to accusations. Well with the resignation and looming retirement of Pope Benedict, many people are asking the question was the pope influenced by a secretive “gay lobby” inside the Vatican? The group reportedly making this claim is the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica. The popular paper on Thursday reported that Pop Benedict XVI made his decision to resign this month because of a report accusing Vatican officials of being under the influence of several intern lobbies including a gay one. The Irish Times reports that Benedict commissioned the report, written by a cardinal trio, after Vatileaks scandal last year concluded that various lobbies within the Vatican had broken the sixth and seventh commandment thou shalt not commit adultery and thou shalt not steal. The significance of the sixth has been historically tied to the doctrine that bans homosexuality. The 300 page report will be passed to the pope’s successor, while the Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, has said that those involved will take responsibility for their actions and no follow up will be made to those observations. The Guardian has also reported that another paper Corriere della Sera also mentioned a disturbing report in their Italian daily publication after the pop announced his resignation. The allegation’s are only the latest in a string of theories and conspiracies about why the pope suddenly decided to resign which prompted the wild speculation in the first place. Benedict himself has only further ramped up speculation with his Ash Wednesday homily by referring to internal divisions according to the Washington Post:”I am thinking in particular of the sins against the unity of the church, of the divisions in the body of the church.”

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