‘Black Bloc,’ Egypt Masked Protesters, Add Mystery To Unrest

 ‘Black Bloc,’ Egypt Masked Protesters, Add Mystery To Unrest.

In Cairo, A new element has been added to the mix of violence in Egypt and they call themselves the Black Bloc, defenders of protestors opposed to Islamist president’s rile. The masked youth with faces hidden under black masks are willing to use force in order to fight against Islamists who have attack protestors or against police who crack down on demonstrations. People who are part of the opposition are concerned that this group will taint the movement and spark Islamist retaliation. Supporters of the President call the group a militia and painted the opposition as a violent force. Other groups have considered forming their own vigilante groups deepening concerns that a spiral of violence between rival militias will occur. President Morsi has struggled to gain control calling for emergency rule in three port cities along the Suez Canal. The group is modeled after anarchist groups by the same name in Europe and United States who participate in anti-globalization and other protests. The group’s secrecy make it difficult to determine its actual scope since they mainly communicate through social media. The identities of its member are unknown and faces unseen making it difficult to know who is a member. “We are the Black Bloc … seeking people’s liberation, the fall of corruption and the toppling of the tyrant,” proclaimed a video announcing the group’s formation, posted online Thursday. “We have arisen to confront the fascist tyrant regime of the Muslim Brotherhood with its military wing,” the video said, warning police not to interfere “or else we will respond without hesitation.” The group was formed in response to a Dec. 4 clash where Brotherhood supporters attacked protestors outside the presidential palace leaving many injured and 10 dead. Morsi’s office and the Brotherhood say that the Black Bloc is proof the opposition is using the streets to overturn results of election that Islamists have consistently won.


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