New Delhi Women Offer Female-Only Cab Service, Try To Stay Safe In India’s ‘Rape Capital’

New Delhi Women Offer Female-Only Cab Service, Try To Stay Safe In India’s ‘Rape Capital’.

I think this is a really good idea for women to feel safer in a city that is notorious for violence against women. Last month’s brutal gang rape and murder on a public bus in broad daylight of a 23 year old student in New Delhi has shined a light on the dangers to women living here. New Delhi, known as the “Rape Capital” of India, has been an unsafe place for female dwellers for years, but one group of women hopes to help this growing problem or at least help protect each other. A grim foreshadowing, a BBC report showed that in 2010 a government backed study found that two out of every three women are sexually harassed every year and the most unsafe form of transportation is buses. Maybe the government should actually use the these reports that they fund so they can prevent these horrible crimes, but hey what can I say America allows these thing to happen here to. However, I do commend the citizens of India for taking matters into their own hands and changing things themselves since the government drags their feet to deal with these issues. Welcome to America! Oh that’s right this is India we are talking about. But seriously, as most experts and scholars would say, the government will not provide the change we need it will be civil unrest and the common man that will change the world. In this case,  to fill some of the void a group of women will start operating a female driven and female targeted taxi service in New Delhi. The Cabs for Women by Women run by a nonprofit the Sakha Consulting Wing is a small company but since the rape has seen a rise in the female passengers reports Public Radio International. The women who drive for the service are not necessarily embraced by the male dominated industry and the risk for both driver and passenger is a concern. In fact, every driver takes a self defense class taught by the police department. There are similar companies in Singapore, Indonesia and Egypt.

3 thoughts on “New Delhi Women Offer Female-Only Cab Service, Try To Stay Safe In India’s ‘Rape Capital’

  1. relaxation says:

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    There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Cheers

  2. Atirjog says:

    There is a different taxi fare in Delhi for special womens cab?

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