Egypt Riot After Soccer Violence Verdict Kills 27

Egypt Riot After Soccer Violence Verdict Kills 27.

People have lost their minds. To me, this story is a lot of senseless violence that is not only happening in Egypt but around the world. In Cairo angry relatives and residence charged the streets of a port city on Saturday in response to a judge sentencing two dozen soccer fans to death for their involvement in deadly violence after a game last year. A total of 38 people are dead in two days that includes 11 people killed in violence between police and protesters. This marks the second anniversary of the overthrow of longtime leader Hosni Mubarak. The violence in Port Said was a direct result of ajudge sentencing 21 people to death for the Feb.1 soccer melee that killed 74 fans of the Cairo based Al Ahly team. The defendant were not all present for sentencing but can appeal the verdict. The remainder of the 52 people involved in the incident will be get their verdicts March 9 and the charges range from murder to assisting the perpetrators. The Ultras, die hard fans from both teams, partially hold the police responsible for not stopping the blood shed and criticize President Mohammed Morsi for not reforming the police force or judiciary since stepping into office in July. The opposition has said that Morsi who was the first freely elected, civilian president and his Muslim allies has done nothing to restore stability among the continuing political turmoil and crime pointing to a worse economy. The main opposition National Salvation Front has said that Morsi has used excessive violence to deal with protestors, while the Brotherhood said the media is to blame for encouraging protestors to be violent. After the verdict was televised, residents and relatives stormed every government building in Port Said trying to free the defendants or take over government offices even killing a few officers in the process. The police fired tear gas and rubber bullets even live rounds into the crowds outside of the prison. The army had been deployed to deal with the protestors but little progress was being made to subdue the protestors. Many of the young men who led the violence were Ultras who see the police as part of Mubarak’s authoritarian rule and as their nemesis. Many believe that Mubarak loyalists had a hand to do with last years attack causing distrust between the public and police. The Al-Masry fans stormed the pitch after the game attacking Cairo’s Al-Ahly fans. Authorities shut off the lights in the stadium and chained the gates causing many to be crushed under the crowd as they tried to break the chain on the gates. Some people especially those who loved ones died in last years soccer melee are satisfied with the verdict, others feel it is politically driven, while others believe that the Ultras were behind the gates being chained suffocating people to death and most if not all that were sentenced were from the rival team Al-Masry.






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