Warren Buffett: Congress Is The Biggest Problem Facing Obama In His Second Term (VIDEO)

Warren Buffett: Congress Is The Biggest Problem Facing Obama In His Second Term (VIDEO).

This is by far my favorite picture of the billionaire. He may look a little funny here, but when it comes to politics I completely agree with the man. Even though billionaire investor, Warren Buffett believes Obama’s biggest issue will be Congress, he still is confident that the country will overcome the poor decision-making of lawmakers. I could not help but laugh at this comment he made to CBS News in a recent interview,”What is right about America just totally dwarfs what’s wrong with Washington.” It is so scary and true that I cannot help but laugh at it. During the fiscal debate, Buffett encouraged Republicans to put country before party in order to reach a deal and prevent a $1.2 trillion automatic tax hike and spending cuts. Luckily, a last minute decision was reached and crisis averted for now. Why is Buffett not president? He makes a lot of great points, but I will chalk it up to the super rich not caring for his proposals to raise taxes on the super rich that would make them pay higher rates than the Middle Class which is the way it should be. As Buffett eloquently said, the debt itself is not a problem and it is not a goof thing it going up in relation to GDP. According to the Bipartisan Policy Center, if the Republicans only raise the nation’s debt ceiling in exchange for major spending cuts and does nothing, then the U.S. will not be able to meet its financial obligations by mid-February.


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