Joseph Kelley, Utah Man, Takes Rifle To J.C. Penney To Show Guns Can Be Safe (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Joseph Kelley, Utah Man, Takes Rifle To J.C. Penney To Show Guns Can Be Safe (PHOTO, VIDEO).

I do give this man credit for being so ballsy and standing up for what he believes. I don’t know if that’s the reason he did it or he was afraid his guns would be taken away with Obama’s new gun proposal announced this last Wednesday. On that same Wednesday, a woman shopping at J.C. Penny in Riverdale saw a man carrying a rifle slung across his chest, extra ammunition and a sidearm in holster on his right hip, so she did what anyone would do take a picture. The Utah man’s reason was to demonstrate guns in law abiding citizens hands can be safe. The man identified as Joseph Kelley is a firm believer obviously in the second amendment. Besides Kelley, other pro-amendment demonstrations have been going on in the wake of the Obama’s gun control proposal in response to the Sandy Hook shooting. In Oregon two men walked down the main street in Portland carrying assault rifles explaining that they are exercising their Second Amendment right and hope to educate the people on gun rights. What these people are failing to realize is that the way guns were used and obtained in each shooting whether school, mall, etc. was not legal in any way, so to protect the public stricter rules must be implemented. If you have no criminal past or any kind of mental instability in your past, then you can still buy guns. I don’t really understand why they feel all of our rights to own guns is being violated. Plus they are operating on a principal that is over 200 years old that doesn’t mean the same thing it did 200 years ago when it was being written.

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